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Free Fencing Exchange

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The Winston-Salem Fencing Club is open to ALL in a little event that we like to call the “Free Fencing Exchange (F.F.X.).”  Bring your equipment and meet us on the grassy strip (piste)!  No fees, no dues… just a friendly exchange of blade-on-blade action (See “Rules” below).  Event is weather pending.  Event will be rescheduled due to rain, snow, and/or ice or excessive hot/cold temperatures, so check the weather before you go out.


It is important everyone has fun, but in a safe manner.  Individuals under the age of 13 are not permitted to bout without the direct (and constant) supervision of a parent or qualified fencing instructor*.  Individuals of all ages, however, may watch and learn from others and are encouraged to do so.

  • All participants must wear the appropriate protective clothing.  (Eye protection is a must!)
  • Always treat your fellow fencer with the same respect you wish to be given.
  • Introduce yourself before each bout by stating your name clearly
  • Always Salut your opponent (and ‘director’ if present) before and after each bout.
  • Always, shake your opponent’s hand directly after finishing a bout.
  • Do not argue over touches.
  • Do not use excessive strength against your opponent.  Always strive to maintain proper form.
  • Use of hurtful words or gestures will NOT be permitted.

* Occasionally there will be other fencers present (i.e. Wake Forest Fencing Club, Greensboro Fencing Club, etc.) who have had formal training in fencing.  If available, they will help out with instruction.  Keep in mind, “instruction” is limited.  The F.F.E. is for students to hone their skills through bouting, and forging friendships with those people who share their same interest.

More on Directions:

Take Silas Creek Parkway (North) to Reynolda Rd.  Take a right on Reynolda Rd.  You will then come to a stoplight.  Turn left on By Way Street as it’ll take you into Reynolda Village.  As you veer to the left, immediately take a right into the parking lot.  You will also notice a narrow road leading to a “lower” parking lot.  This lot is directly adjacent to our “fencing strip (piste)” and where we’ll be meeting and bouting.

* If you absolutely need to get a hold of someone, call 336-337-0348