Poking Each Other With Sticks Since 2006

En Garde! W-S Fencing

FENCING is one of the best exercises you can do, and also one of the most enjoyable.  There is nothing quite like the thrill two individuals get (or more, if involved) when they repeatedly try to stab one another with a sharp metal stick.  This may sound barbaric, but trust me… nothing builds discipline, character, skill and confidence like the test of arms.  And in these modern times, we wear plenty of protection.  This way, we can stick (or attempt to stick) our opponent over and over without the fear of getting hurt.

If you live in a big city… chances are that you have a local fencing club or school.  If not, the search for quality teaching and sword-swinging mates are much harder to obtain.

Winston-Salem does not have a formal school, however, I have (with my love of fencing behind me) formed The Winston-Salem Fencing Exchange [Club].  The W-S Fencing Club is free to join and free to attend.  If you are in the Winston-Salem or Triad area, we hope that you will bookmark this site (as well as “fan” us on Facebook.  ..:: link here ::..) and when available show up to one of our “meetings in the park.”

Coach Michael Joyce began his fencing training at St.Louis University and later at UNC-Greensboro.  He teaches the “French Style” of classical foil fencing in his hometown of Winston-Salem.  To put together a class, workshop or private lesson,  please contact Coach Joyce at wsfencers@gmail.com.