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Our First Inter-Salle Tourney, A Success!

Sunday, December 4, 2011 was a beautiful day in Winston-Salem and certainly a great day to hold our 1st-ever “Inter-Salle Tournament.”  Our athletes, parents and guests gathered downtown at the Odd Fellows Grande Sovereign Lodge a little before 3pm and got ready for a 2 hour, non-stop fencing extravaganza!  Most fencers participating had at least 1 full year of study under Coach Joyce, a couple as little as 2-4 months.  We had two divisions: Under 15, and 15 and over.  Championship results listed below:


  1.         Emilio Castro
  2.              Chase Hill
  3.   Vince Vesudevan

Bonus Round Holder:  Sean Kirkpatrick


  1.               James Carrey
  2.  Ashlynne Kirkpatrick
  3.       Cameron Dunphy

Bonus Round Holder:  Cameron Dunphy

Many pictures to be added soon! (stay tuned)


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