Poking Each Other With Sticks Since 2006


Meet the Winston-Salem Fencing Club

I am thrilled to be teaching such wonderful students.  I’m even prouder to know that so many (since 2006) have not only come seeking instruction in swordplay, but in embracing both the ‘Old’ and ‘New’ ways.  My teaching, as should most fencing school’s curriculum, is based on strong fundamentals and sportsmanship.  The fencer that excels will be the one that applies what he has learned, practiced consistently, and challenged his game through friendly competition.  Here’s (the majority) of our fencing family.  If you are a parent or student, you may visit their personal profile.

*All students listed below are currently “active” fencers, taught by Coach Michael Joyce between 2013-present.

HenrySam SummerCarly photoAdamSean K

Riley 1bThomas 1bSam W 1bKiki 1bSav 1bSean G 1Allie P 1bDan and VanIsaacJackson 1bDevikaJamie 1bBen K 1b

JC 1b